Hail to the king baby!

Back to work today after a long holiday, so I thought I deserved a little gift from myself!

Please be as good as everyone’s saying..

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Been so addicted to Dragons Dogma lately, I can’t seem to get off it! How badass does my character look?

They seriously need to make more games like this!

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RIP, Richard Attenborough, my good sir. 8/29/1923 - 8/24/2014


RIP, Richard Attenborough, my good sir. 

8/29/1923 - 8/24/2014

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I’ve played this game hundreds of times and that damn phone still hasn’t rung. I decide to come back on and give it another go and this is what waits for me around the corner, safe to say I pooped my pants and that’s enough for me.

She has never been in that spot before and she took a few steps towards me, which didn’t fucking help!

What is it?

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darkest-child said: Whats P.T??

It’s a demo for the new Silent Hills starring Norman Reedus. P.T stands for Playable Teaser.