Hail to the king baby!

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The manliest of gifs.


The manliest of gifs.

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So last night I broadcast myself playing outlast and got a few guys to watch and try and help me out. After hiding a lot and screaming like a girl I finally finished it! There was a bit of a shit moment when my internet decided to reset itself causing me to come offline and lose a bunch of viewers, which sucked!

On the 8th of September At around 5:30  UK time I will be broadcasting the expansion pack ‘Whistleblower’ to see if it can make me scream like a little girl. If you’re interested and you want a laugh come and add me on PSN at MrSynner89 and come and join in the fun!

I will crap my poopers.
Back to work today after a long holiday, so I thought I deserved a little gift from myself!

Please be as good as everyone’s saying..

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Been so addicted to Dragons Dogma lately, I can’t seem to get off it! How badass does my character look?

They seriously need to make more games like this!

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